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Why your customers are not reviewing?

Reviewing is Time Consuming

The reviewing process is time-consuming. So people refrain from reviewing products/services in various websites.

No Knowledge about Products/Services

Customers may not have knowledge about the features of the products/Services. So they do not take the effort to review the products/Services.

Unable to properly construct a Review

Customers may not be able to properly construct a good quality review in English. So they will not review the products/Services.

Fear of getting ridiculed by others

Customers are afraid to express their reviews because of the fear of getting ridiculed by others.

No Incentive for Reviewing.

Reviewing is a non-incentive process. So customers may not take the effort to review your products/services in your website.

No easy channels to provide reviews

There are no easy channels to provide good quality reviews for the products/services. So customers are not able to provide reviews.

Make your customers review your products easily using our intelligent system

Never miss a sale due to fewer reviews. We will help you get reviews from your customers easily using our intelligent chatbot system.

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Useful Integration With Kritq

We are building integrations with many tools to ease the product review process. Never let your sales go down due to less reviews

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Skyrocket your sales using our Intelligent platform

As per various studies, it is a known fact that more reviews mean better sales. Using our platform, help your customers to create quality reviews for your products/services easily in very less time.

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